d-girl (n.) An industry term for someone who works in film development, finding projects suitable for television or feature film.    

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D-Girl is a former Development Executive who has worked with top movers in Hollywood including: Julia Roberts, Harold Ramis, Twentieth Century Fox, Revolution Studios, Arnold Kopelson and 3 Arts Entertainment.  She is also known for her popular blog, "D-Girl Diary."  Her script coverage is thorough, intelligent and constructive.  


D-Girl offers such services as: Screenplay and Manuscript Coverage, Studio Notes, Teleplay Coverage and many other ways to improve your project so that it is ready for sale in Hollywood. D-Girl can also help in the actual writing of your project, and with treatments and proposals tailored to sell your project before it is even fully written.


In addition to offering services geared towards readying your project for sale, D-Girl can also help in strategizing a plan to get your script or book into the hands of agents, managers, publishers or producers.  With her extensive background as a Development Girl in Hollywood, D-Girl has a vast network of industry professionals who could all be instrumental in helping bring your screenplay, teleplay, book or idea to life.  




"D-girl saved my life! My movie didn't have an ending until she came up with one for me! D-girl's screenplay coverage and notes were brilliant, thoughtful, and comprehensive. I would highly recommend her script coverage to writers at any stage of their career. The script she helped me with got made and then was bought by Sony Pictures!"


- Jack Plotnick (co-writer and director of Space Station 76)


"As a producer for many years in Hollywood, readers like D-Girl are invaluable. D-Girl's insights were always on point as I scoured the vast landscape of screenplays, looking for my next movie to produce. When developing our in-house projects, I could always count on D-Girl for her cogent and intuitive script coverage, and she personally helped me bring some of my favorite projects to life. I would recommend her services without hesitation.”


- Keri Selig (producer of The Stepford Wives,The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe et al)



"It was D-Girl who pulled our first script from the slush pile, and it was D-Girl's coverage that got it sold to FOX.  Not an exaggeration to say that we would not be working in this business today if it wasn't for D-Girl helping us get our first sale.”


- Damian Shannon and Mark Swift (writers of Shark Tale, Freddy vs. Jason, Friday the 13th, Baywatch, Disney's Genie)


"I've worked in this business for over 20 years and have met few people who are as intelligent, insightful and helpful when it comes to script development as D-Girl.  Her notes and input are always valuable.  Her ability to articulate solution-oriented ideas in a thoughtful and sensitive way makes D-Girl that rare person who is truly a savior for writers.  


- Aaron Lubin (producer of Sideways of New York, The Groomsmen, Something Borrowed, Newlyweds, Nice Guy Johnny, Fitzgerald Family Christmas, Public Morals)

Past Projects

D-girl provided extensive coverage and notes on the above films, which affected them substantially.

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